Last updated: 01/19/2019 03:58 PM


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
Anti-Guavity BootsGuava Raspberry Sour Ale5.2YesNo
BeetlejuiceBlk currant sour w/ spices4YesYes
Fall BackPumpkin Pie Sour Brown5YesYes
FunkernickelSour Brown Ale5YesYes
Gimme SwelterMango Habanero FL Weisse3.4YesYes
Ginja NinjaSour Ale w/ ginger, so much ginger...7YesNo
I'll Take Mine BlackBlackberry Sour w/ coffee5.2YesYes
Kinetic SynergyGinger lime coconut FL Weisse3.4YesYes
Like Cold Apple PieApple pie sour5.3YesYes
Lime, Uh, Finds a WayLime Chipotle FL Weisse3.4YesYes
LimelightKey Lime Pie FL Weisse3.4YesYes
To The WindowCherry Walnut FL Weisse3.4YesYes
Tropic Like It's HotPineapple Golden Sour w/Coconut6YesYes


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
Fat CloudsDouble Dry-Hopped NE DIPA8YesYes
FrickelsnitzWest Coast IPA (not the Snickelfritz)7YesYes
If I Brut The WorldSparkling IPA w/ Mosaic & Amarillo hops6.6YesYes
Shake Watcha Mama Guav-yaMilkshake IPA with guava6.3YesYes

Dark Side

NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
Beard SplitterStout. Always Leaves A Smile!!7.5YesYes
Circle K FeetPorter. No actual feet were harmed.6.5YesYes
Imperial Chocolate DevastationImperial Chocolate Milk Stout8YesNo


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
Largo CommonLargo-style easy drinker5.5YesYes
Strokin' The GritsKY common5.5YesYes
Violent Bow RegardBlueberry Wheat Ale. Thanks Ryan!5.8YesYes


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
Her Majesty's Morning PleasureEnglish Brown Ale w/ coffee5.6YesYes
YarmouthThird best beer in the state 2018!5.7YesYes


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
Black FangMead w/ blackberry, clove , & orange zest from B.Nektar. 16.9oz bottle.6YesNo
Viking BlodDansk Mjod Mead w/ Hibiscus & Hops19YesNo
Zombie KillerHard cider with honey and cherries from B.Nektar5.5YesNo