Last updated: 05/18/2019 10:39 AM


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
Bend the KneeCherry Sour w/ Buddy Brew coffee3.4YesNo
Carpet Rye'dLargo-style rye gose5YesYes
Gimme SwelterMango Habanero FL Weisse3.4YesYes
Pinkish LemonadeGose w/ coriander & hibiscus5YesYes
Refresh RateCucumber Pomegranate sour ale5YesNo
Tamarind Hop TartSour IPA w/ Sabro hops & tamarind6.3YesYes
Tangerine Hop TartSour IPA w/ Citra hops & tangerine6.3YesYes
Tiny UmbrellasLime pineapple FL Weisse3.4YesNo
Tokyo RosePassion fruit + guava Sour w/ hibiscus6.6YesYes


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
1.2 MILLION+OTMango Milkshake IPA6.5YesYes
Comet Training WheelsDDH NE DIPA featuring Crosby Comet hops exclusively8YesYes
Fat CloudsDouble Dry-Hopped NE DIPA8YesYes
Ol' ShimcoeDDH NE IPA w/ Citra & Simcoe6.3YesYes

Dark Side

NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
Beard SplitterStout. Always Leaves A Smile!!8YesNo
Coconut Chocolate Imperial DevastationImperial Sweet Stout w/ coconut & cocoa nibs10YesNo
FluffernutterPeanut butter & marshmallow Imperial Sweet Stout. DESSERT EAGLE SERIES10YesNo
Imperial DevastationImperial Sweet Stout10YesNo


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
Azacca To MeBlonde ale with Azacca hops5.1YesYes
Hooked On PhenolicsHefeweizen5YesYes


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
YarmouthThird best beer in the state 2018!6.4YesYes


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
AnanasPineapple Cider from Slim Pickens. 12oz can.6YesNo
HRD WTRKey Lime Hard Sparkling Water from MIA Brewing. 12oz can.5YesNo
Punk LemonadeHard Cider w/ raspberry & lemon by B. Nektar. 16.9 oz bottle.6.3YesNo
Viking BlodDansk Mjod Mead w/ Hibiscus & Hops19YesNo
Zombie KillerHard cider with honey and cherries from B.Nektar5.5YesNo