Last updated: 02/13/2019 11:00 AM


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
Can't ElopeCantaloupe FL Wiesse3.6YesNo
Coffee StarscreamRaspberry + Blackberry Dark Sour w/ coffee5YesYes
Fall BackPumpkin Pie Sour Brown5YesYes
FunkernickelSour Brown Ale5YesYes
Gimme SwelterMango Habanero FL Weisse3.4YesNo
Ginja NinjaSour Ale w/ ginger, so much ginger...7YesNo
Guava Hop TartSour IPA w/ guava5.6YesNo
Lime, Uh, Finds a WayLime Chipotle FL Weisse3.4YesYes
Nuclear DessertBlackberry Key Lime Pie FL Weisse3.4YesYes
Passion Fruit Hop TartHoppy Sour w/ passion fruit5.6YesNo
Tamiami ViceTamarind cinnamon sour5.2YesYes


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
If I Brut The WorldSparkling IPA w/ Mosaic & Amarillo hops6.6YesYes
Sabro - Training WheelsSingle hop series NE DIPA w/ Sabro hops8YesYes
Shake Watcha Mama Guav-yaMilkshake IPA with guava6.3YesYes
Victory DanceNE DIPA w/ Victory malt featuring Vic Secret and Idaho 7 hops8YesYes

Dark Side

NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
Beard SplitterStout. Always Leaves A Smile!!7.5YesYes
Udder DevastationMoo-moo milk stout6YesYes


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
Strokin' The GritsKY common5.5YesYes
Tramp StampBlonde ale5YesYes
Violent Bow RegardBlueberry Wheat Ale. Thanks Ryan!5.8YesYes


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
Irish WristwatchIrish Red Ale5.2YesYes
Only One CannoliRebel Amber Ale5.1YesYes


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
Punk LemonadeHard Cider w/ raspberry & lemon from the homies at B. Nektar. 16.9 oz bottle.6.3YesNo
Viking BlodDansk Mjod Mead w/ Hibiscus & Hops19YesNo
Zombie KillerHard cider with honey and cherries from B.Nektar5.5YesNo