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NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
Dancing In Their HeadsSugar-plum holiday sour ale3.4YesNo
Gimme SwelterMango Habanero FL Weisse3.4YesYes
Imaginary ButterfliesGrandma Fingers Series mango key-lime pie Pastry Sour6YesYes
Lime-on MeringueLime vanilla FL Weisse3.4YesYes
Mezkin BlackbirdBlackberry Sage Gose5YesYes
Mojito Mo ProblemsBoysenberry Mojito Sour6YesYes
Revenge of the PithGrapefruit, guava, pineapple, Sour IPA w/ Galaxy hops6YesYes
Slow RindWatermelon Lime Imperial Sour8YesYes
Stoner Fruit CobblerPeach apricot pastry sour from our Grandma Fingers series6YesYes
What The FluffBlackberry raspberry marshmallow happiness6.2YesYes


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
FisticuffsSour NEIPA w/ Motueka hops6YesYes
pOur PEnmaņ§hipDDH NE DIPA w/ Enigma, Comet, & El Dorado hops8YesNo
RAWberryStrawberry milkshake IPA w/ lightning...REAL LIGHTNING!6.5YesYes

Dark Side

NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
Beard SplitterStout. Always Leaves A Smile!!7.5YesYes
Chocolate DevastationChocolate Milk Stout6YesYes
Dessert Eagle (Fluffer)Marshmallow & Peanut Butter Imperial Sweet Stout.10YesYes
Dessert Eagle (T-Sex)A sexual Tyrannosaurus of a beer! Chocolate Raspberry vVanilla Imperial Sweet Stout.10YesYes


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
Kolsch 45Kolsch w/ Motueka hops5.5YesYes


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
Bunny SlippersBelgian Dark Strong11YesYes
Only One CannoliRebel Amber Ale5YesYes
YarmouthThird best beer in the state 2018!6YesYes


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlers
Blood AmuletHard cider with raspberry and cranberry by B. Nektar6.2YesNo
Punk LemonadeHard Cider w/ raspberry & lemon by B. Nektar. 16.9 oz bottle.6.3YesNo
Rhube StrawbergMead w/ strawberry & rhubarb from B. Nektar. 500ml bottle.6.2YesNo
Schramm's MeadHoney wine. Raspberry, Cherry, or Ginger available.14YesNo
WINECabernet Merlot ChardonnayYesNo