If you are reading this you are likely a card carrying AA member! Good for you, welcome to the club! If you don’t have a card yet, get your ass to Arkane Aleworks and ask for one before ordering your next beer! This card entitles you to a bunch of amazing Arkane schwag and benefits only available by completing cards and unlocking perks. How do you get these perks? Good question.

Step 1: Acquire AA Member Rewards Card from beertender at Arkane Aleworks. Cards are FREE!

Step 2: Drink an Arkane Aleworks beer (full pour or 2 half pours) or flight and receive a punch (on your card).

Step 3: Finish a card and receive awesome gifts and perks only granted to card carrying members!

The Rewards:

After completing each card you will receive instant rewards such as tee shirts and other Arkane schwag or in some cases perks for each return visit to Arkane or even special bottle releases.

*As a bonus, on each card, you will also receive 1 free beer along the way after reaching punch 15! You’re welcome 🙂

Card 1 Reward: Arkane Pint Glass and a Free Beer

Card 2 Reward: Free Crowler Fill (of any beer currently available for crowler fills)

Card 3 Reward: Exclusive AA Member Only Tee Shirt

Card 4 Reward: Free Beer and Free Crowler Fill (of ANY* beer on the board) *there may be a few exceptions

Card 5 Reward: $30 Arkane Gift Card and 10% Off ALL Arkane Schwag for LIFE

Card 6 Reward: Become an AA Member for Life! ALL Future Pours of (eligible) Beers in Larger Glass!

Card 7-100 Reward: #comingsoonish

The Rules: (yeah we know, rules stink but we gotta have ’em)

– Rules are subject to change at any time for any reason and at our sole discretion.
– Card punches are valid for Arkane beers only and do not include any guest taps, wine, cider, or mead.
– No punches for to-go beers. This includes crowlers, growlers, bottles, and kegs. If you don’t drink it under our roof you don’t get a punch.
– No cheating! Because no one likes a cheater!

Visit back often, join our mailing list, or follow us on Facebook for updates and new card level rewards as they will be evolving as AA membership grows. And thanks for playing!

xoxo – Arkane