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NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlersPriceCart
**Poppa/Mezkin Limited 4-packs**(2) Mezkin Blackbird - blackberry sage gose (2) Cherry Poppa - cherry limeade sour *16oz 4-pack cans *5NoYes22.00
*CAN'T ELOPE (Limited 4-pack)Cantaloupe FL Weisse *16oz 4-Pack*3.4NoNo
*Cherry Rainbow*Skittles sour with black cherries and key lime. **Limit 2 per order please! Orders with more than 2 will be cancelled and refunded**5NoNo
*ONE IN A MELON (Limited 4-PACK)Watermelon Gose. *16oz 4-Pack5NoNo
*PEEPS/WTF Mixed 4-pack*Mixed 16oz 4-pack of PEEPS BE WITH YOU and WHAT THE FLUFF6NoNo
$$$ Please TIP your Beertenders!To adjust tip amount increase this quantity in cart before checkout. Thank you for tipping!YesYes2.00
2 Birds 1 Stone FruitPluot (plum/apricot hybrid) FL weisse3.7NoYes
Alternating CurrantDry-hopped Sour w/ Passionfruit & Black Currant5.4NoYes
Always SunnyCucumber Mint GoseNoNo
AmbrosiaGrandma Fingers Series pastry sour with Pineapple, orange, marshmallow and coconut.6NoNo
Amish BootsHouse shit added3.5NoNo
Anti-Guavity BootsGuava Raspberry Sour Ale6NoYes
ApricadabraApricot FL Weisse3.4NoNo
ApricobblerApricot pastry sour from our Grandma Fingers Series.6NoNo
Apricot Rhubarb CrumbleGrandma Fingers Series pastry sour6NoYes
Baby Yoda PantsMango, guava, ginger Sour6NoNo
BeetlejuiceBlk currant sour w/ spices4NoYes
Bend the KneeCherry Sour w/ Buddy Brew coffee3.4NoYes
Berried in FuzzRaspberry FL Weisse w/ Peaches3.3NoNo
Berry Cobbler Hop TartSour India Pastry Ale w/ boysenberry, caramel, spices, and Citra & Mosaic hops5.5NoNo
Berry Hop TartBoysenberry Sour IPA7NoYes
Birthday SuitBirthday cake Sour3.5YesYes15.00
Blackberry Hop TartSour IPA w/ blackberry & vanilla6NoYes
Blackberry Refresh RateBlackberry Sour w/ cucumber6NoYes15.00
BloodflowerBlood orange hibiscus FL Weisse3.6NoYes
Bloomerang *Limit 1 per person*Grandma Fingers Series: blueberry meringue Pastry Sour6NoYes17.00
Blueberry Cobbler *Limit 1 per person*Grandma Fingers Series Pastry Sour6NoYes17.00
Boysenberry MuffinBoysenberry Muffin Imperial Sour with Ginger8NoYes17.00
Brazo Gitano (Gypsy Arm)Guava mango cake roll pastry sour. Grandma Fingers collab with Tripping Animals6NoYes17.00
Breakin' AnklesTamarind, passion fruit, & acai Imperial Sour collab w/ Barrel Culture8NoYes
Can't Elope (4-pack Cans)Cantaloupe FL Wiesse. ***4-pack of 16oz cans***3.4NoNo
Can't Elope RemixCantaloupe FL weisse w/ a touch of cinnamon3.6NoNo
Caramel San DiMangoMango peach Sour w/ caramel7NoNo
Carpet Rye'dLargo-style rye gose5NoYes
Cherry Blow Pop *Limit 1 per person*Imperial Sour with cherries and bubble gum.8NoYes17.00
Cherry CheesecakeGrandma Fingers Series Pastry Sour6NoYes17.00
Cherry Hop TartSour IPA w/ cherries vanilla and Citra & Mosaic hops5.5NoNo
Cherry Limeade KombeerchaKombucha/Gose collab w/ Chalkboard Kombucha3.9NoNo
Cherry PieGrandma Fingers Series Pastry Sour6NoYes
Cherry Pie (Turbo Fruity)Grandma Fingers Series Pastry Sour (Turbo Fruity Version) *limit 1 per person please*5NoNo
Cherry PoppaCherry Limeade Gose5NoYes12.00
Chocolate StarscreamBlk Berry + Raspberry Dark Sour w/ cocoa nibs6.2NoYes
Clash BandicootBlackberry and black currant sour w/ mango & lactose6NoYes15.00
Cobbler's KnobBlueberry cobbler pastry sour from our Grandma Fingers Series.6NoYes
Coffee StarscreamRaspberry + Blackberry Dark Sour w/ coffee6.2NoYes
Compulsive FlamingoGuava, passion fruit, & boysenberry Sour6NoYes
Creative JuicesApricot & passion fruit FL Weisse3.7NoYes
Crunchatize Me Cap'nCrunchberry Sour Ale3.4NoYes
Crush On YouTangerine sour ale with Sabro hops.6.4NoYes
Dancing In Their HeadsSugar-plum holiday sour ale3.4NoYes
Disco BoogieDarkish Tart Saison6.1NoNo
Ecto-coolinerTangerine Orange FL Weisse collab w/ Cycle BrewingNoNo
El GuapoHabanero Lime FL WeisseNoNo
Fall BackPumpkin Pie Sour Brown5NoYes
Freak FlagTamarind Sour Ale w/coconut.5NoYes
Fruit SaladIn it's own juices3.4NoYes
FuncrustablePeanut butter & blackberry jelly Sour3.4NoNo
FunkernickelSour Brown Ale5NoYes
Gimme SwelterMango Habanero FL Weisse3.4NoYes12.00
Ginja NinjaSour Ale w/ ginger, so much ginger...7NoYes
Go Ginger, Go Ginger, Go!Ginger Gose6.8NoYes
Good for the GanderGooseberry Golden Sour4.6NoNo
Guava Hop TartSour IPA w/ guava5.6NoNo
Guava Key Lime Pie (Turbo Fruity)Grandma Fingers Series Pastry Sour (Turbo Fruity Version) *limit 1 per person please*5NoYes20.00
Gypsy TearsPomegranate Ginger FL Weisse3.4NoYes
Helter SwelterBigger, sweeter, HOTTER version on our popular Mango Habanero sour (Gimme Swelter)6NoYes
Hooked on PhunknolicsSour hefeweizen5.2NoYes
Hop TartSour IPA5.7NoNo
Hot FuzzPeach habanero FL weisse3.7NoYes
Humpty PlumptyPlum FL Weisse w/Cinnamon3.4NoYes
HypebiscusImperial Sour w/ tangerine, passionfruit, & hibiscus8.4NoYes
I Think Your Beer's On FireSmoked Sour Ale5.4NoNo
I'll Take Mine BlackBlackberry Sour w/ coffee5.2NoYes
Imaginary ButterfliesGrandma Fingers Series mango key-lime pie Pastry Sour6NoYes17.00
It's That JamRaspberry Gose4.9NoNo
It's The PleatsPassion fruit, tamarind, hibiscus Imperial Sour8NoNo
Jamming OutCherry raspberry sour ale5.3NoNo
JozaLargo style gose5NoNo
Just the TipBourbon barrel aged dark sour6.6NoYes
Kinetic SynergyGinger lime coconut FL Weisse3.4NoYes
KombeerchaGose/Kombucha collab w/ Chalkboard Kombucha3.9NoNo
Krampus SauceCranberry spice FL Weisse3.6NoYes
Last of the MojitoRaspberry mojito FL weisse3.6NoNo
Life's a PeachPeach Florida Weisse3.5NoNo
Like Cold Apple PieApple pie sour5.3NoYes
Lil Tiny UmbrellasGuava, Pineapple, Tamarind FL Weisse3.4NoNo
Lime-on MeringueLime vanilla FL Weisse3.4NoYes
Lime, Uh, Finds a WayLime Chipotle FL Weisse3.4NoYes
LimelightKey Lime Pie FL Weisse3.4NoYes
Magic Carpet Rye'dBoysenberry Gose5NoYes
Mango Hop TartSour IPA with mango5.5NoYes
Mango TangoTangerine mango Sour Ale5.6NoYes
Mango-ing for BrokeImperial sour ale w/ mango8NoYes
Mezkin BlackbirdBlackberry Sage Gose5NoNo
Minute MadePineapple, raspberry, pomegranate FL Weisse3.4NoYes
Mixed Berry CobblerBlackberry, raspberry, cherry pastry Sour Ale6NoYes
Mixed Berry Cobbler (Turbo Fruity)Grandma Fingets Series Pastry Sour (Turbo Fruity Version) *limit 1 per person please*5NoYes20.00
MoistberryStrawberry Mojito Sour6NoYes
Mojito Mo ProblemsBoysenberry Mojito Sour6NoYes
Mongolian Cherry PickerDark Sour Aged on Tart CherriesNoNo
Necessary EvilBlack Currant Dark Sour6.3NoNo
Nuclear Dessert (Limit 1 PP Please)Blackberry Key Lime Pie Pastry Sour. **Limit 1 per person***6NoNo
Nuttin to Fuzz WithPeach Imperial Sour w/ red currant & walnut8NoNo
On HolidayPineapple coconut Sour w/ PEEPS marshmallows6NoNo
One in a MelonWatermelon Gose4.7NoNo
Our JellyPB & Strawberry Jelly FL Weisse3.4NoNo
Out of SeasonBlack Currant Sour w/ Peeps mashmallows3.4NoNo
Out of Season XLBlack currant Sour w/ PEEPS marshmallows6NoYes
Pants PartyTamarind passion fruit imperial sour9NoYes
Paradise Punch *Limit 1 per person*Passion fruit, mandarin, guava sour w/ draginfruit & a touch of vanilla7NoYes17
Passion Fruit Hop TartSour IPA w/ passion fruit6NoYes
Passion of the WeisseCranberry passionfruit FL Weisse3.6NoNo
Patriotic DutyBlue Cotton Candy Sour3.4NoYes
Peach Cobbler Hop Tart *Limit 1 per person*Sour India Pastry Ale w/ peaches, cinn, brown sugar, vanilla, and Comet & Mosaic hops5.5NoYes17.00
Peepers CreapersPeeps Black Berliner3.9NoNo
Peeps be with YouPeeps Sour Ale3.4NoYes
Pegasus TearsGooseberry Golden Sour w/ Cinnamon5.6NoNo
Pen Pineapple Coconut PenPina Colada Gose5NoNo
Pieracy, It's a CrimeCoconut cream pie sour5.1NoYes
Pineapple Chipotle GoseGose...w/ pineapple... & chipotle5.4NoYes
Pineapple Upside Down CakePastry sour from our Grandma Fingers Series6NoYes15.00
Pinkish LemonadeGose w/ coriander & hibiscus5NoYes
Pistil TheoryTangerine hibiscus FL Weisse3.4NoYes
Plum AFPlum FL Weisse3.4NoNo
Plum on EileenPlum passion fruit sour with vanilla7NoYes
PlumstashioPlum FL Weisse w/ pistachio3.4NoNo
PowerslideGuava & tart cherry Imperial Sour8.5NoYes
Pucker PunchGinger Blood Orange FL Weisse3.4NoNo
Pucker Up ButtercupChocolate Peanut Butter Cup Dark Sour6.2NoYes
RazzcoladaRaspberry coconut Sour6NoYes
Red SheeranTart cherry sour red ale.5.6NoYes
Red ZeppelinAmerican sour red ale5.6NoYes
Refresh RateCucumber Pomegranate sour ale5NoYes
Regressa A Mi *Guest Tap from MIA Brewing*Berliner Weisse w/ guava & hibiscus4NoYes12.00
Revenge of the PithGrapefruit, guava, pineapple, Sour IPA w/ Galaxy hops6NoYes
Rhu BerrymoreStrawberry Rhubarb Sour Ale6NoYes
Runts The JewelsTriple Berry Sour ale with milk sugar and banana RUNTS.6.5NoYes17.00
S'moregasbordS'more inspired Dark Sour6.3NoYes
Savage BeautyStrawberry pomegranate Sour6.3NoYes
Slow RindWatermelon Lime Imperial Sour8NoYes
Smells Like PinkStrawberry Gose5NoYes12.00
Smurf NapperBlue raspberry Jolly Rancher Sour *limit 1 per person please*6NoNo
Sofa King MojitoWatermelon Mojito Sour w/ hibiscus6NoNo
Some Kind Of Creamsicle ThingTangerine Sour w/ vanilla & lactose6.5YesYes17.00
SouramelSour Caramel AleNoNo
Southern HostilityPeach Strawberry Sour Ale7.4NoNo
Stoner Fruit CobblerPeach apricot pastry sour from our Grandma Fingers series6NoYes
Strawberry Hop TartSour IPA with strawberry and vanilla5.5NoYes15.00
Strawberry ShortcakeGrandma Fingers Series Pastry Sour5NoYes
SummerdazeLight-bodied Golden Sour6.4NoYes
Super Magic Carpet RideBoysenberry limeade Gose5NoYes
Tamarind Hop TartSour IPA w/ Sabro hops & tamarind6.3NoYes
Tamiami ViceTamarind cinnamon sour5.2NoYes
Tang and 'BiscusTart Saison w/ Hibiscus6.2NoNo
Tangerine DreamTangerine Sour Ale w/ lactose5.6NoNo
Tangerine Hop TartSour IPA w/ Citra hops & tangerine6.3NoYes
Tart of GoldGolden Sour Ale4.6NoYes
Taste the Rainbow VERY LIMITED 1 PP ONLYSkittles Sour Ale6NoNo
Test beerTest0NoYes1
Test PurchaseTestNoNo
That's My JamRaspberry basil Sour5NoYes
That's What SopTangerine sour ale w/ sour sop.4.7NoNo
The Darkest SourAmerican Dark Sour6.6NoNo
The James JuiceTropical Punch Sour5.1NoNo
The Passion of the WeisseCranberry Passionfruit FL Weisse3.4NoNo
The Spice Is RightOrange dreamsicle Sour w/ cinnamon5NoYes
Three Hour TourPineapple guava sour ale5.5NoNo
Thunderbird ApocalypseCherry acai Imperial Sour8NoYes
Tickle FingerPassion fruit FL weisse w/ plums5.6NoYes
Tickle Your FancyBlackberry, Raspberry, Pomegranate Imperial Sour9NoYes
Tiny UmbrellasLime pineapple FL Weisse3.4NoYes
To The WindowCherry FL Weisse w/ Black Walnut Honey3.4YesYes12.00
Tokyo RosePassion fruit + guava Sour w/ hibiscus6.6NoYes
Triple Berry Fluff *Limit 1 per person*Blackberry, black currant, boysenberry sour with marshmallows6.5NoYes17.00
Trop TartSour IPA w/ pineapple, guava, & mango5.6NoYes
Tropic Like It's HotPineapple Golden Sour w/Coconut6NoYes15.00
Tropic of SwelterA more tropical take on Gimme Swelter3.4NoNo
Tropical InsurrectionGuava Strawberry FL Weisse3.4NoYes
Unexplainably Juicy VERY LIMITED 1 PP ONLYStarburst Sour Ale6NoNo
Unicorn BloodRaspberry Key Lime Pie FL WeisseNoNo
Up In SmokeSmoked American Sour AleNoNo
Velvet RopesBerry FL Weisse w/ vanilla3.4NoYes
Vic Secret Hop TartSour IPA w/ Vic Secret hops7.5NoYes
What The FluffBlackberry raspberry marshmallow happiness6.2NoYes
Wizard SleevesMagical blackberry tamarind ginger sour6NoYes
Wizard SleevesMagical blackberry tamarind ginger Sour6NoNo
Woo-TANG CranCranberry Vanilla sour w/ TANG3.5NoYes15.00
Wry Ask RyeAmerican Rye Sour4.1NoNo
Yoda PantsGuava Mango Ginger FL WeisseNoNo


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlersPriceCart
*RAWberry 4-pack*Strawberry Milkshake IPA. 4 pack of 16oz cans. **Please limit 2 per order **7.2NoNo
$$$ Please TIP your Beertenders!To adjust tip amount increase this quantity in cart before checkout. Thank you for tipping!YesYes2.00
1.2 MILLION+OTMango Milkshake IPA6.5NoYes
Aloha, Beaches!Pineapple milkshake IPA collab with Marker 486.5NoYes
Amarillo Training WheelsNE DIPA double dry-hopped exclusively with Amarillo hops8NoYes
Berry Cobbler Hop Tart.Sour India Pastry Ale w/ boysenberry, caramel, spices, and Citra & Mosaic hops5.5NoNo
Blueberry Hop TartSour IPA w/ blueberry & vanilla5.7NoYes
Brut ForceSparkling IPA6.3NoNo
Capitan Pina LocaPineapple milkshake IPA6.4NoYes
Citra ShockaNE Pale Ale w/ Citra hops4.8NoYes
Clever ReferenceDouble Dry-Hopped NE DIPA w/ Mosaic, Amarillo, & Comet hops8.5NoYes
Comet Training WheelsDDH NE DIPA featuring Crosby Comet hops exclusively8NoYes
DisasterpieceDouble Dry-Hopped NE DIPA w/ El Dorado, Denali, & Azacca hops8NoNo
Do the Damn TangTangerine soursop milkshake IPA6.5NoNo
Double Pimp SlapDouble IPA w/ Simcoe, Columbus, and Cascade hops8.4NoNo
Enigma Training WheelsDouble Dry-Hopped NE DIPA w/ Enigma hops8NoYes
Fat CloudsCitra Double Dry-Hopped NE DIPA8NoYes15.00
FisticuffsSour NEIPA w/ Motueka hops6NoYes
FrickelsnitzWest Coast IPA (not the Snickelfritz)7NoYes
Galaxy KwestTriple dry-hopped NEIPA w/ Galaxy & Citra hops7.5NoNo
Grapefruits of Our LaborsGrapefruit West Coast IPA w/ Galaxy, Comet, and Enigma hops7NoYes
Home Is Where You Make ItRyan's IPA w/ Mosaic, Citra, & Simcoe hops7.2NoYes
Hop PotatoIdaho 7 Session IPA4.7NoNo
Hop Silo 3Guava, mango, passionfruit milkshake IPA collab w/ TBBC. 16 oz cans. 4pks available to go.6.5NoNo
HopgressionIPA w/ Citra, Galaxy, & Motueka hops7.5YesYes12.00
HopocalypseMango pineapple Sour NEIPA DDH w/ Comet hops6NoYes
HopstericalCrazy Hoppy IPA7.6YesYes12.00
Hopsterical - NitroCrazy hoppy IPA on Nitro7.4NoNo
Hoptical SolutionHazy Pale Ale w/ Simcoe & Comet hops6NoYes
Huge DeltsGalaxy & Amarillo hopped Pale Ale4.7NoYes
If I Brut The WorldSparkling IPA w/ Mosaic & Amarillo hops6.6NoYes
Infinity BlanketNE IPA double dry-hopped w/ Nelson Sauvin, Huell Melon, & Grüngeist hops7.5NoYes15.00
Interstella HubcapDDH Sour NEIPA w/ Ella Hops6NoYes
It's ScienceSparkling (Brut) IPA w/ Citra & Denali hops6.1NoYes
Kamikaze ChemtrailsHazy IPA w/ Key Lime. Collab with TBBCNoNo
LEGENDARYNE IPA collab w/ Cycle Brewing7NoYes
Love GoliathDouble Dry-hopped NE Double IPA W/ Citra, Nelson & Galaxy. Collab w/ Magnanimous.8NoNo
Luke Dry-HopperDouble IPA w/ Mosaic, Columbus, & Cascade Hops9NoYes
Master ShakeVanilla Milkshake IPA5.6NoNo
Math WordsNE IPA with lactose and Ella, Comet, Galaxy, Centennial, & Enigma hops.6.5NoYes12.00
Mosaic - Training WheelsMosaic Triple dry-hopped NE DIPA8NoYes
Mushroom CloudsDDH NE IPA w/ Sabro, Azacca, & Columbus hops8NoYes
Nelson Training WheelsSingle hop NE DIPA with Nelson Sauvin8NoYes
Ninja Star Kisses (4-pack cans)NE IPA dry-hopped w/ Citra, Sabro, & Comet hops. ***4-pack of 16oz cans***7.5NoNo
Nothing and Like ItSession IPA w/ Galaxy hops4.8NoNo
Ol' ShimcoeDDH NE IPA w/ Citra & Simcoe6.3NoYes
Outta SpaceTriple dry-hopped NE IPA w/ Galaxy hops7.3NoYes
pOur PEnmaņ§hipDDH NE DIPA w/ Enigma, Comet, & El Dorado hops8NoYes
Pumpkin UgliesPumpkin pie Milkshake IPA6NoYes
Rakau Training WheelsRakau single hop DDH NE DIPA8NoYes
RAWberryStrawberry milkshake IPA w/ lightning...REAL LIGHTNING!6.5NoYes
Rushin' Snow FlakesMilkshake IPA w/ mangos collab w/ Green Street5.8NoYes
Sabro - Training WheelsSingle hop series NE DIPA w/ Sabro hops8NoYes
Samurai High FiveMango & Tangerine Milkshake IPA w/ hibiscus7NoYes15.00
Sexy TractorDouble Dry-Hopped Northeast IPA7.6NoYes
Shake Watcha Mama Guav-yaMilkshake IPA with guava7NoYes
Skinny DIPAPilsner malt based NE DIPA w/ Zappa, El Dorado, & Vic Secret hops8NoYes15.00
Southern HOPSpitalityDDH NE DIPA made with grits and Galaxy, Ella, and Motueka hops8NoYes
Strata Training WheelsDDH NE DIPA w/ Strata hops8NoYes
Strata Training WheelsDDH NE DIPA w/ Strata hops8NoYes
SunnysideDouble dry-hopped NE Double IPA w/ Citra, Strata, and Rakau8NoYes
The Darker the BerryBlackberry Milkshake IPA6.1NoYes
The SnickelfritzWest Coast IPA7.7NoYes12.00
THRE3.1DDH Triple NE IPA w/ Citra, Comet, Centennial & Galaxy10.5NoYes17.00
THRE3.2TRIPLE IPA with Rakau, Motueka, & Sabro Hops10YesYes17.00
TricerahopsEast Coast IPA w/ Mosaic, Vic Secret, + Idaho 7 hops6.3NoNo
Twerk or TreatChocolate milkshake IPA6.5NoYes
Victory DanceNE DIPA w/ Victory malt featuring Vic Secret and Idaho 7 hops8NoYes
Victory DanceNE Double IPA double dry-hopped w/ Vic Secret and 007 hops8NoYes15.00
West West Y'allWest Coast IPA w/ Galaxy, Comet and Enigma hops7NoYes
What He's HavingExclusively Dry-hopped Session Ale3.5NoYes
Wicket WeedRed IPA5.8NoNo
Wildberry Hop TartMixed berry Sour IPA w/ vanilla5.5NoYes
Won't U B My NeighborSession IPA collab w/ Barley Mow4.7NoYes
Zappa - Training WheelsZappa Double Dry-Hopped NE DIPA8NoYes
ZNGZero IBU NE IPA collab w/ Woodright Brewing Co5.8NoNo

Dark Side

NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlersPriceCart
$$$ Please TIP your Beertenders!To adjust tip amount increase this quantity in cart before checkout. Thank you for tipping!YesYes2.00
All In!Hazelnut, Vanilla, Coffee Imperial Milk Stout. Collab w/ Marker 48 Brewing.10.7NoNo
Arkane in the MembraneDeep Fried Twinkie Imperial Milk Stout w/ cinnamon. Collab w/ Slim Pickens8.2NoNo
BA 4 Fingers And... (T- SEX)Bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout with raspberries, chocolate & vanilla. ***22oz bottle***12NoNo
BA DESSERT EAGLE (FLUFFER)Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with peanut butter and marshmallow12NoNo
BA DESSERT EAGLE (GERMAN CAKE)Rye Whiskey barrel aged Imperial Stout w/ chocolate, coconut, & pecan. ***22oz bottle***12NoNo
BA DESSERT EAGLE (ROCKY)Bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout w/ chocolate, marshmallow, & walnut. ***22oz bottle***12NoNo
BA DESSERT EAGLE (TURTLE)Bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout w/ chocolate, caramel, & pecan. ***22oz bottle***12NoYes28.00
Beard SplitterStout. Always Leaves A Smile!!7.5YesYes12.00
Biggie Smalls' StoutChai Imperial Sweet Stout9.7NoNo
Chocolate Coconut DevastationChocolate & coconut Milk Stout collab w/ Pinellas Chocolate6.3NoNo
Chocolate DevastationChocolate Milk Stout6NoYes
Chocolate SquirrelChocolate Donut Imperial Sweet Stout10NoYes
Cinn FTWCinnamon, cocoa, & vanilla Imperial Sweet Stout. DESSERT EAGLE SERIES.10NoNo
Circle K FeetPorter. No actual feet were harmed.6.5NoYes
Coconut Chocolate Imperial DevastationImperial Sweet Stout w/ coconut & cocoa nibs10NoYes
Coconut DevastationCoconut Milk Stout5.7NoYes
CooCoo for Cocoa-NutsChocolate, coconut, coffee Imperial Sweet Stout. DESSERT EAGLE SERIES10NoNo
DEagle (PB S'mores)Peanut Butter S'mores Imperial Sweet Stout10NoYes
Dessert Eagle (Café)Imperial Sweet Stout w/ caramel whiskey coffee10NoYes
Dessert Eagle (cinnamon roll)Imperial pastry stout w/ cinnamon, lactose, and vanilla. *16oz Crowler*10YesYes18.00
Dessert Eagle (Coffee Cake)Cinnamon brown sugar Imperial Sweet Stout w/ vanilla & coffee10NoYes
Dessert Eagle (CooCoo)Coffee, chocolate, coconut Imperial Sweet Stout10NoYes
Dessert Eagle (Fluffer)Marshmallow & Peanut Butter Imperial Sweet Stout.10NoYes
Dessert Eagle (Greater)Imperial sweet stout with brown sugar, cinnamon, lactose & habanero10NoNo
Dessert Eagle (Mounds)Chocolate Coconut Imperial Sweet Stout10NoYes
Dessert Eagle (PB Cup)Imperial sweet stout with chocolate and peanut butter10NoYes
Dessert Eagle (PB Smores)Imperial Sweet Stout w/ chocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker, & peanut butter.10NoNo
Dessert Eagle (Rocky)Imperial sweet stout with chocolate, marshmallow, walnut10NoYes25.00
Dessert Eagle (T-Sex)A sexual Tyrannosaurus of a beer! Chocolate Raspberry vVanilla Imperial Sweet Stout.10NoNo
Double Talkin' JavaStout brewed w/ Buddy Brew Guatemalan coffee8.5NoYes
Double Wandering StarMaple Coffee Vanilla Double Milk Stout8NoYes
Drogon's WrathCinnamon Brown Sugar Habanero Stout7NoNo
Hangry? Why Wait?Snickers Milk Stout5.8NoNo
HeathenlyHeath Bar Milk Stout6NoNo
Hot Chocolate DevastationChocolate Devastation w/ chipotle peppers6.3NoNo
Imperial Chocolate DevastationImperial Chocolate Milk Stout8NoNo
Imperial DevastationImperial Sweet Stout10NoYes
Irate ReclinerChocolate hazelnut 'beetus Stout10NoYes
Java The WhuttCoffee Porter5.1NoNo
Java WockyChocolate hazelnut coffee porter5.6NoYes
Java WookieeChocolate Coffee Imperial Sweet Stout10NoYes
MochachinoChocolate coffee Stout8.2NoNo
Oblong TobogganPorter w/ Pinellas Chocolate Co. cocoa4.5NoNo
Secret Stash Deagle (CCV)Imperial Sweet Stout w/ chocolate, coconut, & vanilla *16oz Crowler*10NoNo
Secret Stash Deagle (Choc Fluffer)Imperial Sweet Stout w/ peanut butter, marshmallow & chocolate *16oz Crowler*10NoYes18.00
Secret Stash Deagle (PB&J)Imperial Sweet Stout w/ peanut butter, strawberry & raspberry jelly *16oz Crowler*10NoYes18.00
Sometimes You Don'tMounds Bar Milk Stout6NoNo
Sugar & Cream PleasePorter w/ Buddy Brew coffee4.5NoNo
Sweet DreamsImperial Sweet Stout w/ cocoa nibs & toasted coconut10NoYes
The Greater of Two EvilsBrown sugar cinnamon imperial sweet stout w/ habanero10NoNo
The Lesser Of Two EvilsBrown Sugar Cinnamon Stout w/ Habanero8NoNo
Udder DevastationMoo-moo milk stout6NoYes
Wandering StarMaple Vanilla Coffee Milk Stout5.8NoYes
Wheat StoutWheat stout w/ more wheat Woodwright Collab4.8NoNo


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlersPriceCart
$$$ Please TIP your Beertenders!To adjust tip amount increase this quantity in cart before checkout. Thank you for tipping!YesYes2.00
1.2 MillionBelgian saison w/ citrus zest7NoYes
All Night LoveSaison collab w/ After Hours Brewing6.9NoYes
Azacca To MeBlonde ale with Azacca hops5.1NoYes
Beach TherapyLow Calorie Session Ale brewed for our friends at The Oceanic Sunset Conservatory4NoYes
BimboEasy Drinkin' Blonde4.5NoNo
Denali PartonBlonde Ale w/ Denali hops4NoYes
Fancy PantsKölsch w/ Nelson Sauvin hops5.6NoYes
Her Name PeachesPeach Saison4NoNo
Hooked On PhenolicsHefeweizen5YesYes11.00
Hula MastahHefeweizen5.2NoYes
Jane BlondaBlonde Ale4.5NoYes
Kolsch 45Kolsch w/ Motueka hops5.5NoYes
Largo CommonLargo-style easy drinker5.5NoYes
Plunder Down UnderGolden Blonde ale w/ Motueka hops4.4NoYes
Scherer's MomBlonde Ale w/ Citra hops5NoYes
Strokin' The GritsKY common5.5NoYes
Thugs-N-HominyCream ale with grits5.7NoYes
Tramp StampBlonde ale5NoYes
Violent Bow RegardBlueberry Wheat Ale. Thanks Ryan!5.8NoYes
Worn SolesGrisette4NoYes
Zappa SlappaBlonde ale with Zappa hops4.5YesYes11.00


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlersPriceCart
$$$ Please TIP your Beertenders!To adjust tip amount increase this quantity in cart before checkout. Thank you for tipping!YesYes2.00
Bunny SlippersBelgian Dark Strong11YesYes15.00
Clever Girl'Merican amber ale5.4NoYes
Dunk in the TrunkDunkekweizen5NoNo
Her Majesty's Morning PleasureEnglish Brown Ale w/ coffee5.6NoYes
Her Majesty's PleasureEnglish Brown Ale5.4YesYes11.00
Irish WristwatchIrish Red Ale5.5NoYes11.00
Only One CannoliRebel Amber Ale5NoYes
Phat Stax O' Phlap JaxMaple Brown Ale w/ Spices5.4NoNo
Ripsnorter'Merican Brown Ale5.2NoYes
YarmouthScottish-style Ale. 2019 Great American Beer Fest Silver Medal winner!6.5YesYes11.00
Yarmouth NitroSweet & robust w/ hint of salt5.7NoYes


NameDescriptionABVOn TapCrowlersPriceCart
$$$ Please TIP your Beertenders!To adjust tip amount increase this quantity in cart before checkout. Thank you for tipping!YesYes2.00
AnanasPineapple Cider from Slim Pickens. 12oz can.6NoNo
Apple piB. Nektar mead14NoNo
Black FangMead w/ blackberry, clove , & orange zest from B.Nektar. 16.9oz bottle.6NoNo
Black WidowBlackberry cider from Original Sin. Gluten free. *12oz can*6YesYes6
Blood AmuletHard cider with raspberry and cranberry by B. Nektar6.2NoNo
Blueberry HRD WTRBlueberry Hard Sparkling Water from MIA Brewing. Gluten free. *12oz can*5YesYes6
Cherry ChipotleB. Nektar mead14NoNo
Dessert Eagle Glass10.5oz glass depicting Bullet-Tooth Tony in all his glory! Or fill it with a colorful beer for more of a Dennis Rodman look. Your choice.YesYes10.00
Eat a PeachSt. Ambrose Cellars - Peach Cyser6NoNo
Episode 13B. Nektar Barrel Aged Mead16NoNo
GIFT CERTIFICATEWant to help your favorite brewery stay open so you can drink some fresh beer after all this Rona passes? Grab a gift certificate or 2 to use once this is all over. Consider it a short term investment😉. $20 increments.YesYes20.00
Guava CiderHigher Meading cider6.5NoNo
Hibiscual ImbiberHibiscus Cider3.7NoNo
HRD WTRBlueberry Coconut Sparkling Water from MIA Brewing. 12oz can.5NoNo
Kill all the GolfersB. Nektar mead w/ tea and lemon6NoNo
Microphone CheckBanana cider from Slim Pickens6NoNo
MONSTER JAM GLASS17oz double sided glass with our Monster Jam logo, a pretty sweet truck and some scared shitless fruit.YesYes10.00
New Wave LemonadeMead w/ blueberry & lemon by B. Nektar. Gluten free. *500 ml bottle*6.1YesYes10
Punk LemonadeHard Cider w/ raspberry & lemon by B. Nektar. Gluten free. *16.9 oz bottle*6.3YesYes8
Rhube StrawbergMead w/ strawberry & rhubarb from B. Nektar. 500ml bottle.6.2NoNo
Schramm's MeadHoney wine. Raspberry, Cherry, or Ginger available.14NoNo
Tuco-Style FreakoutAgave mead w/ lime by B. Nektar6.5NoNo
Unicorn Blood Glass14oz Teku limited edition Unicorn Blood glass. Now if only you had the proper beer to fill it...NoNo
Viking BlodDansk Mjod Mead w/ Hibiscus & Hops19NoNo
Who's Cider You On?Collab cider w/ Higher Meading5.4NoNo
WINECabernet Merlot ChardonnayNoNo
Yo!Blueberry Cider guest tap by Slim Pickens6.2NoNo
Zombie KillerHard cider with honey and cherries from B.Nektar. Gluten free. *500ml bottle*5.5YesYes12